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Since manufactured/mobile homes were invented in the 1970’s, they have gained over 45,000 pounds, up from their original weight of 15,000 pounds. Three axles and six tiny wheels became standard equipment for hauling these original mobile homes.  As these homes gained weight, they gained more wheels and axles.  It soon became obvious that adding more wheels and axles began to add more problems, and more transport expenses.  Amazingly, these problems have been tolerated over all these years.  Today, there are an average of 14 to 24 blowouts on a 1000-mile trip.  Obviously, this has cost the industry a fortune!    


Downtime, tire repairs, axle breakage, wheel breakage and home damage are guaranteed on every trip.  For over 40 years, not only  were there no improvements made in the wheel and axle assemblies, but there were no viable alternatives that could fulfill the required height and weight requirements.  Viking Enterprises is pleased to announce the solution to this all of these problems. Heath Sartini  worked over 30 years in the recycled wheel and axle business.  


Between 1976 and 2006, Heath and his family owned one of the largest wheel and axle recycling companies in the United States.  Heath would be the first to admit the wheel and axle recycling business is a highly profitable business, but he also couldn’t ignore the overwhelming reality that, as the years passed, the product he was selling was becoming obsolete, or, “pure junk” as he put it. His realization was due to the increase in the size, quality and weight of manufactured modular homes.  

Heath also began to see more accidents happen and grew more concerned over the future of this outdated method of transport. With first-hand knowledge of the inadequacies and outright dangers that wheels and axles posed, and with his own company’s accident liability insurance skyrocketing, Heath knew there had to be a much better way to transport modular homes than by adding more wheels and axles to accommodate heavier homes.  

Over the course of five years, Heath envisioned, designed and manufactured a home transport dream machine! He addressed and improved upon every problem he personally experienced in the wheel and axle business. In other words, he fixed all of the things he knew existed with his own product.  

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