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The Solution 

By developing high quality running gear, The Viking Carrier is a safer and more efficient solution for modular transportation that meets the expectations for today’s structures. The perks of using our product include the following:

  • Ability to haul structures weighing 65,000lbs

  • 150,000lb lift system which aides in the installation of the structure

  • High tech air breaking systems & tire inflation systems

  • Steel belted radial tires that reduce blowouts and eliminate axle failures

  • Production of the structures remain consistent throughout the entire process

  • No speed limit restrictions

  • Quicker deliveries

  • Less overall damage when delivered

These improvements significantly increase the efficiency of modular structures for the factories and during transportation and installation of the product, which results in a satisfied consumer. The Viking Carrier is attractive to all aspects of urban development.

Below are several options for how the carrier can be used:

Option 1 
Purchase Carrier 
Option 2
Lease Carrier

Option 3
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The Solution

The Solution

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