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You can purchase or lease the Viking Carrier directly from us and we will provide full training and support.  Just tell us about your project and we will bid on your carrier lease or purchase.  We also offer full trucking services and would be more than happy to include that in our bid as well.  


One of the misunderstood things about the Viking Carrier is that you need to own as many carriers as you own sets of running gear.  With the Viking Carrier, this is not the case. Structures can be easily transferred between factories, cradles and Viking Carriers.  A 40-unit

man-camp can be moved, held in a lot, and moved again to its final destination with only a few Viking Carriers.

At Viking Carrier, one of our specialties is supplying the carriers for hauling entire man-camps for the oil industry.  We can either team up with your trucking operation, or bid on an entire moving project.

Although there are countless options and combinations for you to choose from when you consider using our Viking Carrier, below we have listed a few basic considerations:

Option 1 
Purchase Carrier 

You purchase the Viking Carriers from us directly.  We will increase your discount as the quantities you purchase from us increase.  We will provide installation training, maintenance training and customer support.

Option 2
Lease Carrier

You lease the Viking Carriers directly from us and manage the installation.  We will provide installation training, maintenance training, customer support and a product warranty.

Option 3
Transport Package

We will bid on your project by the floor cost and the mileage cost.  We will plan and arrange the carrier rental.  We can also bid on your trucking costs.  We will supervise the transportation project from start to finish.

The Viking Carrier can move every type of modular structure that is designed for highway transport:

Hotels, Banks, Duplexes, Apartments, Student Housing, Single Family Homes, and entire man-camps.

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