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The installation and removal of the Viking Carrier is very straight forward and adaptable to every possible workflow. A key benefit with our carrier is that it has its own onboard and completely self-contained air-over hydraulic lift system, which allows the transfer of structures in remote areas, including, factory lots, storage sites and delivery sites. 

This on-board lift system is the reason you only need a hand-full of carriers to move a large quantity of units. See the built-in hydraulic system used in "The Solution" video. It is the same system that lifts the carrier onto the small dolly wheels that allows the installer to roll the carrier into position, under the structure for "clamping" the carrier onto the I-beam.

A Lift: In the frame shop 3 recycled axles are clamped onto the house with a special clamping system that we provide, which eliminates all hangers.  As it comes off the line we lift it with a separate 150,000 pound lift system.

B Prepare: We remove the 3 axles to make room for the carrier.  The carrier is then lifted onto our four custom dollies using the Viking Carrier’s built-in, air-over hydraulic jack system, which allows us to roll the carrier underneath the house.

C Install: The house is then lowered and we attach the home to the carrier using our custom clamping system.  After the home is securely clamped to our carrier, the toter then hooks it up and heads for the job site.

D Retrieve: After the home is craned off the chassis they are ready for stacking.  The chassis are stacked just like the old running gear.  It is a very simple process. The chassis are then bound together, connected to the truck and ready for transport. 

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