The Viking Carrier offers so many more features and benefits than traditional wheel and axle running gear offers, that it is almost impossible to compare the two, because they are so vastly different.  Below, in the right column are nine of the most obvious problems with traditional running gear.  

The Viking Carrier was not only built to solve all of these problems, but to prevent flats and eliminate known issues that have been reported many times by toters.  Some of these issues include dangerously long braking distances, axle breakage during tighter turns and most of all, tire blowouts.  

There is also the fact that wheels and axles are made of recycled parts, with no way of measuring the milage placed on them.  Each Viking Carrier is serial numbered, and trip-logged in order to assure the highest performance and extraordinary road safety that you will soon begin to proudly call a new standard in transportation.

Wheels and Axles